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The Six Tops You Need for Simple French Girl Style 


Clearly I am not a French girl. But I have always loved the seemingly effortless beauty of French-girl style and have based my adult wardrobe on this idea. Because we're busy, and our style should be effortless, because we have more important things to deal with. But along with simplicity comes minimalism, so prepare to pare down you closet and focus on quality basics in neutral colors.

1. The White Button-Up

A white button down is my go-to blouse. It works with jeans for a quick errand, it works with a skirt for brunch, and with slacks for a day at the office. Put on a red lip and this shirt will take you anywhere with confidence. Favorite brands include Cloth and Stone (which can be found at Anthropologie and occasionally at Marshalls or TJ Maxx) and Madewell.

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