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I'm Shay Gibson: a full-time nurse, traveler and photographer living in California. Modern Gibson Girl is a travel and lifestyle journal for modern women that want to experience the joyful things in life, and are always on the hunt for that sweet spot between quality and style.

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Where to Have Afternoon Tea in London

EVERYWHERE. The answer is everywhere.

But without unlimited time and money, that might be difficult. So I have compiled my favorite spots for afternoon tea in London. I prefer more unique and less formal venues, so I have left off the two most traditional spots, Fortnum and Mason's and Claridge's, but if you are looking for the epitome of classic British afternoon tea, they are both good options (albeit quite pricey). Click the picture for a link to the website.


For a Girl's Day

One of the most instagrammable spots in London, Sketch is actually a combination of four restaurants in one. The most coveted is The Gallery, a blush pink parlor serving exquisite French-inspired afternoon tea. The downside is the price. If you can afford a fancy afternoon, go for it. If not, walk in and say you're there to get a drink, then just stroll leisurely through the venue and take in the beauty. And don't forget to check out the egg pod bathrooms, an experience in itself.

From £45 pp.

Muriel's Kitchen

For and Affordable Option

Muriel's Kitchen is the epitome of modern British charm. A lively, bright cafe serving fresh, seasonal bites, its the perfect everyday type of afternoon to catch up with a friend. Plus the finger sandwiches are served on tiny picnic tables. Get out of town.

From £17pp.

Dalloway Terrace

For the Flower Lover

Dalloway Terrace has a beautifully decorated terrace all year long. Their menu and decor changes seasonally but is always on point. Cozy up in the cafe chairs and enjoy their fresh and colorful offerings.

£40 pp

Mr. Fogg's House of Botanicals

For an (Adult) Outing

Bright and botanical, this place is my ideal aesthetic. Great brunch specials, endless cocktails on the weekends, and the perfect photo spot. Go on a Sunday after a stop at the Columbia Road Flower Market for a perfect morning. Get your girls together and enjoy. $$

B Bakery

For a Quick Trip

Are you only in London for a day or two? Try this unique afternoon tea aboard a classic double decker bus and get a tour of the city. A little pricey but it'll will save you some sightseeing if you're short on time. Book the front seats on the top level for the best view.

From £45pp.

Dean Street Townhouse

For a Light Bite

For a lighter bite. Dean Street Townhouse plays up the old Soho vide, and you immediately feel chic and classy. One of the more affordable options on the list, this does offer a bit less in terms of food quantity, but given that most afternoon teas leave you feeling overstuffed, this might be the perfect compromise. Settle in on an armchair sip the afternoon away.

From £21 pp.

Oscar Wilde Lounge at Hotel Cafe Royal

For the Luxury Lover

This is perhaps the most luxurious lounge I have ever seen. The historic room is named after it's most famous patron, Oscar Wilde, but has also been host to The Beatles, Elizabeth Taylor, and David Bowie.The room itself is breath taking, and food does not disappoint. If you are looking to feel like you're attending a private royal affair, this is your place.

From £55pp.

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